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The Future is Ours

A West Wing AU Dystopia Ficathon

The Future is Ours: A West Wing Dystopia Ficathon
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The Future is Ours: A West Wing AU Dystopia Ficathon

dys·to·pi·a -- noun -- 1. a work of fiction describing an imaginary place in which the conditions of life are extremely bad because of deprivation, oppression, or terror


The Future is Ours is an alternate universe ficathon for The West Wing fandom. The fics are related to a common theme of a futuristic, dystopic society. Examples of existing dystopic fiction include 1984 and The Stand. The main points of dystopic fiction are the widespread suffering or oppression of humanity (or the annihilation of it) and a world that functions in a twisted or backward way, contrasting with our current state of living. The ficathon includes apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic works. Here are Wikipedia's articles on dystopic fiction and apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic fiction.

The rules for story submissions are below:

  • Authors may write completely AU fics that are dystopic, or fics that aren't AU but in which the canon world has become dystopic.

  • The story must take place in either an AU version of the current world or in the future (AU or otherwise). The author is not required to give a definite year or time period, but it must not be obviously set in a past time. It is possible, however, that civilization may have regressed backwards to the point that life is very similar to life in the past. This is acceptable.

  • As stated above, the story may take place either in a post-apocalypse world (in the aftermath of a nuclear war, for example) or one that has simply progressed into a state of dystopia. It can take place on Earth, or for the more sci-fi minded of you, it is acceptable to set it in space/on another planet/under the ocean/etc. It should, however, take place somewhere in the known universe (no stories set in the fantastical world of Marmelot, where there are knights and ladies and blue unicorns, okay?)

  • OCs are acceptable in small doses, but the main characters of the story must be TWW characters.

  • Fics should be at least 1,000 words long.

  • There is no limit on the number of fics you can produce before the deadline. There are limitless ways to define dystopia, so if inspiration takes you, feel free to create as many dystopic worlds as you like. Or create one world and write different pairings and storylines for it!

  • If you would like to participate in the first round of the ficathon, all you need to do is join the community, then visit this post and get signed-up! Sign-ups end on June 7th, but there is a "grace week" from the 7th (when the writing officially starts) to the 14th, during which people can still sign up. After the 14th, membership for the community is closed until the next round.

  • LJ-cut your fic submissions! If a fic is not under a cut when posted, it will be taken down by a maintainer.


A note about the format of this ficathon: Most ficathons pair up requests from people that give writers inspiration for pairing, plot points, etc. It was decided not to go this way with The Future is Ours because it is a themed ficathon and everyone has their own idea of what dystopia looks like, thus it would be more interesting for the initial round to let people write about their own idea of dystopia. We do provide a list of categories that we ask you to choose from when signing up for the first round. If there is sufficient interest for more rounds, the format may change in the future to request-based assignments.

Submissions are due by September 21st, 2007, but authors may post their stories at any point before the deadline. This gives about 2 1/2 months from the start of the first round until your fic is due. Please be sure to factor in time to have your story looked over by a beta! When you are ready to submit your story, please post it in the community with a heading that follows this format:

Pairing: (if applicable)

Looking for a beta? Willing to beta?


List of Participating Writers

For a complete listing of every submitted fic to date, check:
The Master List

If you have any questions or comments, please email either of the maintainers.